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Lorestan is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in western Iran in the middle of the Zagros Mountains and southwest of the city of Isfahan.

Lorestan is one of the oldest regions of Iran. Remains of the Stone Age, in particular engravings and drawings found in caves that once were inhabited by prehistoric men, make the province one of the oldest places of habitation, also very famous for its reserves of very old bronze objects. In other words, and as the famous French archaeologist “Roman Grishman” so aptly emphasizes, “the true Iranian art is to be found in Lorestan“. This province is one of the most important regions of Iran and, and its people, have always sought to preserve the traditions and customs of the country.

The Lorestan civilization is mainly famous for its bronze objects, made using the so-called “lost wax” technique, and more particularly for its ornate horse bits decorated with horses or fabulous animals. The art of working bronze is among the craftsmen of this beautiful city, a skill that testifies to several centuries of culture of a population that is both peasant and warrior.

The capital of the province is Khorramabad. The abundance of springs, or the magnificent Kio Lake which allowed and still allows exchanges between the west and the south, make Khorramabad one of the most touristic cities of Iran.

The city of Khorramabad has many tourist attractions, one of the most important of which is the castle of “Falak ol-Aflak”. This magnificent fortress with an area of 5,300 square meters is erected on top of a hill and has a splendid view. At the foot of the mountain nicknamed “Oshtoran Kouh” are magnificent natural sites, such as the snow-covered tunnel and the Takht valley. Among the tourist attractions of this region, we can mention the entire protected area of Oshtaran Kouh, where different animal species coexist.

Gahar Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran located 121 kilometers east of the province of Lorestan. This lake shines like a real gem in the Oshtoran Kouh protected area. It is at an altitude of 2,400 meters and its depths reach 28 meters.

The existence of abundant vegetation and the beauty of the surrounding natural park make this lake a tourist hotspot attracting many visitors throughout the year, and more particularly in summer. The main road leading to the lake leaves from the town of Doroud.

You then have to travel about 17 kilometers to reach the Khieh source and from there, another 18 kilometers to reach the lake. The surest way remains the beasts of burden which the natives hire. Besides this path, there is a more affordable route that can be traveled by car. This crosses the province of Alî Goudarz. You then have to walk about 12 kilometers to reach the lake. But the most dangerous route is undoubtedly the mountain: this rather dangerous route can only be taken by the professional claim.

The province of Kouhdasht, 94 kilometers south-west of Khorramabad, is a natural site with numerous tourist attractions. The cradle of the manufacture of the famous bronze objects is in this province, and as such, the name of this city is well known to all the great researchers and archaeologists of the world. The cave of Mir Malass and that of Botkhâneh, the Gonbade Shâh Mohammad, the wood of Bolourân and the red temple of Damlarî are among the main attractions of the city.

Located 110 kilometers southwest of Khorramabad, Poldokhtar is one of the regions with the highest temperatures in the entire province. The visitor will be able to admire the surprising cave of Kalmakare, whose engravings and recovered objects date from the Achaemenid period.

The people of Lorestan are very hospitable and believing people. Religious ceremonies are celebrated here with great pomp. Weddings, especially among nomads, are very important. This is a show not to be missed, where folk music plays an essential role. The traditional musical instruments are the Kamantcheh, the Dohol, and the Sorna.

The climate of Lorestan is continental and not very humid, with some precipitation in winter often followed by snow.

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