March 21, 2017
Iranian Breakfast
March 21, 2017

Persian Carpet

The Persian carpet is an integral part of Persian art and culture.Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and are which dates back to ancient Persia.The Persian carpet is synonymous with perfection.The exquisitely intricate patterns and natural dyes have rendered it the most sought after hand-made weave in the world with acknowledgement of superiority in every respect.

Classification of the Persian carpet on the base of the design

Tribal & Rural & Urban Carpets

Tribal Carpets are small in size, woven in a very short period of 3 or 4 months, and in the form of a rug and runner. The tribal looms are made horizontally, easy to dismantle and pack to be loaded on horses, camels, and other load-carrying animals, with speed and ease. The rugs are thick and woven in natural, sharp, and bright colors. The knots are generally Ghiordes and sometimes Senneh. The vast majority of Persian Carpets are made in the rural and urban centers where looms are positioned permanently. The carpets woven in the village workshops are generally thick and those woven in the urban centers are very fine.

Pazyryc Carpet

The oldest piled ruge.

Ardabil Carpet

The mystery of Perfection.

Carpet museum of Tehran

Would you like to have such remarkable handicrafts of IRAN ?

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Chapar Gasht Parseh

Customer Reviews

So Lee 06/01/2020

Iran is one of the ancient civilizations , It has a long history and has allowed me to experience the Persian Cultural Heritage, Although I only have a 11 days trip . I relay on local professional guides to explain the history and culture of Persia in depth and make me stay profound Impressions, heartfelt thanks ! I wish you all the best work well and be healthy !

Maggie 06/01/2020

It is a very delighted journey in Iran. Thank you for this nice Trip. Will recommend friends and relative to come to Iran.

Eddy Lo 06/01/2020

Will strongly recommend my friends and relative come to have good holiday. Thank you very much for your good services. we miss nice smile of our guide !

Wing Yin Wong 12/28/2019

We recommend for friends, very good trip, nice people, best service. good ! good ! good !

SIU Wong 12/28/2019

Excellent Tour, give me a chance to see Iran and I like this country, I hope I can back again very soon.

Sam Ying 12/28/2019

We appreciate the good arrangement of your provided Tourist services. We would like to know more about Iran, the Iran people point of view so as to enhance mutual understanding with Iran and China People.