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Arg Sangi


The indigenous residence is located in the village of Sangan High and 21 kilometers northwest of Tehran. The residence of the Arge Sangy consists of two residences and a medicinal herb museum with 2 double rooms in the residence. Dear travelers, in addition to staying in the stone and regional stone of the mountain, with a very pleasant air from the honey bee, the site of crafts and the site of herbs medicinal plants, including dry plants. In order to enter the rooms Elderly people and families with young children should be known about 100 steps from the entrance to the beach resort. Guests should note that rooms don’t have toilet, a private bathroom and refrigerator, and guests can use the publicly-equipped bathroom and restroom. Address: Tehran, Tehran, Emamzadeh Davod Road,Sangan Arg High Village, towards the Pan waterfall.

Pulavash Garden

Mount Pulavash and the residence is located 4 km from the capital(4 km from Sohanak to the north at 30 ° east). The word “poulvash” in the word means “iron” and “paladin”, and the reason for naming this mountain is the name of Pulawash, which is the stone of its kind. It has a large garden and a lush garden with a 10-person cottage with a private bathroom and toilet. There are two rooms with capacity of 5 people, both of which are shared between the two rooms and can also be provided with a bath or shower. The heating systems of the rooms are fireplace and firewood. Address:Tehran, Tehran City, Sohanak – Pulashavash mountain


The residence is home to Kadkhoda in the village of Khosravan, Damavand city, Tehran province. Damavand city, which is located on the Tehran route to Firoozkooh, due to its historical monuments, proper weather conditions in the summer, natural attractions and … is of great importance in the tourism field of Tehran province and hosts tourists and climbers every year. This residence has a beautiful playground and wooden beds under the traditional canopies, which will be great for nightly and friendly gathering. The residence has 4 rooms at 18 meters in size with capacity for 25 tourists, 4 rooms at 18 meters. All rooms have a bedroom service with capacity for 6 people . Address: Tehran province, Damavand city, Khosrowan village


The Artin Damavand Residence is an old house. Dating back to about 50 years ago. The residence has 5 residences distributed on the ground floor and first floor. The resort also has available tourist attractions such as Tar Lake, Rudafshan Cave, Cheshmeh Gul Gol and Zarin Dasht and Harande Tourist Villages. Due to the traditional architecture, the Artin Damavand indoors don’t have bedrooms TVs, fridges, bathrooms and toilets. The refrigerator is generally available in the living room kitchen, which, if coordinated with the staff of the complex, is available for tourists. Elderly people and families with young children should pay attention to the fact that the residence has a number of steps on the entrance and the floors. Address: Tehran, Damavand city, Sarbandan village in Firoozkooh road, 15 km after two routes.

Ozra Aunt

Traditional home aunt Ozra located in the village of Rudak, on the road of Fasham village (15 km from Tehran) with beautiful landscapes and natural springs and excellent weather in Shemiranat. Facilities in the residence: bathroom, restroom, stove, crockery, blanket and mantle, heating equipment, this residence is the floor of the bedroom. Address: Road of Fasham Village, Roodak Village.

Amoo Mash Reza

The residence is located in the village of Kouyri-Abad, 14 km from the city of Varamin. This village is located in the southwest of the city of Varamin, between the narrow water and the city’s Charm. The building dates backs to 150 years ago, which opened in September 96 and a large number of tourists has since attracted a form all over Iran. The residence has a large courtyard with a beautiful pool in the middle, several pavilions, traditional beds and wooden furniture The walls of the residence are made of straw and mud, and the roof of the dome residence rooms is a pleasant environment for spending hours away from urban life. The residence has 4 double rooms, all with a bathroom, a restroom and a bedroom service. As well as for the well-being of tourists residing in this residence, Iranian and foreign sanitary facilities can be used in the residential area. It should be noted that the heating system of the rooms is a seat and heater, and the cooler is a water cooler. Address: Tehran Province, Varamin City, Koure Abad Vilage (14km far from Varamin, narrow waterway .

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Customer Reviews

So Lee 06/01/2020

Iran is one of the ancient civilizations , It has a long history and has allowed me to experience the Persian Cultural Heritage, Although I only have a 11 days trip . I relay on local professional guides to explain the history and culture of Persia in depth and make me stay profound Impressions, heartfelt thanks ! I wish you all the best work well and be healthy !

Maggie 06/01/2020

It is a very delighted journey in Iran. Thank you for this nice Trip. Will recommend friends and relative to come to Iran.

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Will strongly recommend my friends and relative come to have good holiday. Thank you very much for your good services. we miss nice smile of our guide !

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We recommend for friends, very good trip, nice people, best service. good ! good ! good !

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Excellent Tour, give me a chance to see Iran and I like this country, I hope I can back again very soon.

Sam Ying 12/28/2019

We appreciate the good arrangement of your provided Tourist services. We would like to know more about Iran, the Iran people point of view so as to enhance mutual understanding with Iran and China People.