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Kalpoosh, plain of anemone and sunflower

Kalpoosh is located 140 km north of Mayamey county, whose plains are full of anemone flowers in spring and full of sunflower in September. Due to its proximity to the Golestan National Park, this plain has a very privileged position in terms of tourism.

Kalpoosh plain is located in the village of Hossein Abad, Semnan province. This lush and forest area has a lot of land for agriculture and forestry.

The Plain of anemone and the sunflower has a world reputation. With the coming of spring and May, the area is red with anemone flowers. Spring (mid-May to mid-June) is the best time and opportunity to see the plain of anemone, with the greenery and the surrounding forests. If you could not visit this area in spring, don’t worry. This area turns yellow in September. In the spring, the people of this region start planting sunflowers. Flowers reach their peak of beauty in summer.

The place is suitable for adventure tourists, nature Tourists, photography lovers, and tourists who are interested in hiking and trekking.

How to go there: To see this plain, you have to go 220 km northeast of Shahroud and Mayamey. From there, head north to see the beautiful plain of Kalpoosh.

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Customer Reviews

Ulvi Bezirci 05/10/2022

Sima hanım çok cömert ve çok hızlı aksiyon alan bir hanımefendi. Bir acenteden beklenen her türlü özveriyi bize gösterdi. Çok memnun kaldık. Beş yıldızlı bir hizmet aldık. Gözü kapalı tüm gruplara şiddetle tavsiye ederim.

İbrahim Aladağ 05/10/2022

Herşey gayet güzeldi, emeğinize sağlık . Rehberimiz Sait beye hasseten teşekkür ederiz

Ole and Minna Mortensøn, Denmark 02/04/1104

We were delighted to travel with Chapar Gasht Parseh Travel Agency. Good guides told us the story of this country and food, hotels and transport were always ok.

Елка Цанкова Петрова 04/11/2022

Добре организирано, богата програма

So Lee 06/01/2020

Iran is one of the ancient civilizations , It has a long history and has allowed me to experience the Persian Cultural Heritage, Although I only have a 11 days trip . I relay on local professional guides to explain the history and culture of Persia in depth and make me stay profound Impressions, heartfelt thanks ! I wish you all the best work well and be healthy !

Maggie 06/01/2020

It is a very delighted journey in Iran. Thank you for this nice Trip. Will recommend friends and relative to come to Iran.

Eddy Lo 06/01/2020

Will strongly recommend my friends and relative come to have good holiday. Thank you very much for your good services. we miss nice smile of our guide !

Wing Yin Wong 12/28/2019

We recommend for friends, very good trip, nice people, best service. good ! good ! good !

SIU Wong 12/28/2019

Excellent Tour, give me a chance to see Iran and I like this country, I hope I can back again very soon.

Sam Ying 12/28/2019

We appreciate the good arrangement of your provided Tourist services. We would like to know more about Iran, the Iran people point of view so as to enhance mutual understanding with Iran and China People.