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Iran Visa

Iran Visa

Tourists and visitors to the Islamic Republic of Iran, whatever the reason and the duration of their trip, must obtain the Tourist Visa from one of the Iranian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries eligible for a visa on arrival. Passengers should apply for the Iran visa through the MFA website or authorized travel companies.

Iran visa exempt countries

Lebanon (15 days), Azerbaijan (15 days), Georgia (45 days), Bolivia (30 days), Egypt (20 days), China (21 days ), Macau (21 days ), Hong-Kong (21 days) and Turkey (90 days).

Countries eligible for Visa on Arrival

Traveler with a passport from these countries are not allowed to get arrival visa: USA, Canada, British, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somali, Columbia, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, and India.

There is a possibility of change:

It is possible to apply for and acquire a visa for Iran before departure with the Iranian Embassy in your country of residence or by arriving on site after landing (Countries eligible for Visa on Arrival). These two ways each have advantages and disadvantages. .

Rate of Arrival visa

  • New Zealand:150 Euro
  • Australia:145 Euro
  • Chil:120 Euro
  • Serbia:85 Euro
  • Armenia , Bahrain : 10 Euro
  • Philippine , Nigerian , Panama: 55 Euro
  • Nepal , Yemen : 40 Euro
  • Ukraine, South Africa , Brazil : 80Euro
  • Tajikistan , Morocco , Saudi Arabia :30 Euro
  • Indonesia, Kirghizstan, Mexico, Venezuela: 45 Euro
  • Emirates, Uganda , Vietnam , Taiwan:100 Euro
  • Russia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Mongolia: 70 Euro
  • Japan, Turkmenistan, Cameron, Sri-Lanka , Kuwait: 60 Euro
  • South Korea , Kazakhstan, Croatia , Paraguay: 50 Euro
  • Germany , Austria , Spain , Italy , Ireland , Island , Slovenia, Estonia , Belgium , Bulgaria, Portugal , Czech, Denmark, Romania , Swed , Swiss, France, Poland, Hungary , Norway , Netherland, Greece ,Thailand, Singapore , Oman , Qatar ,Cuba , Malt : 75 Euro

Obtaining Iran visa before departure

Obtaining the visa before departure requires an imprint at the embassy, which must be done in person. You must therefore come in person to register your fingerprints at the Embassy (Once registered, they remain valid for 5 years for all future visa applications). Then, you will then have the option of using an agency to obtain your visa. There are specialized travel agencies approved by the Iranian Embassy to process your visa application as an intermediary. These agencies carry out your formalities with the Iranian authorities, to avoid any tedious process and any risk of visa refusal. They take care of checking your file, waiting and depositing at the counters, then collecting and verifying your visa before it is delivered. The consular price of the Iranian visa is 50 euros at the Embassy, as standard. This price is valid if you carry out the administrative procedures yourself. If you use an agency specializing in obtaining visas remotely who can make your job easier. In this case, you will have to add a supplement for the administrative procedures carried out on your behalf. Processing fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the request or the withdrawal of the request after it is filed.

So, Iranian visas are issued in a two-step process: 1. An authorization code for your visa must be issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2. A visa for your passport must then be obtained at an Iranian Embassy once the authorization code has been issued, the visa number can be obtained between 3 and 7 days depending on your nationality (this process can be much longer for Canadian, UK, and US citizens). When you apply for your visa at the Iranian embassy of your choice, you will need to provide your passport, visa fees, 2 passport photos, and an insurance policy. Some consulates may have different requirements.

For your nearest Iranian Embassy please check the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. Please note your nearest embassy might be outside your home country. Authorization code/Visa Approval number and Iran Invite Number all have the same meaning but can be displayed as different names on different forms. Please note the Iranian Embassy also now requires a letter of authorization to be submitted with your visa application form.

The visa is valid from the date of issue for a maximum period of 90 days, arrival must take place during this period. The length of stay is 30 days. This is the period during which the visa can be used to enter the country. Be careful, if you exceed this period, you will have to redo the procedures to obtain your visa.Remark: your photo must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance Taken in front of a white or off-white background Taken in full-face directly in front of the camera with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open Glasses are not allowed in visa photos.

Policies for U.S, Canadian, and British passport holders

Travelers who are from the UK, USA, or CANADA please ensure you read through and understand the visa process, as this can take longer due to government regulations. Duration: 20 to 50 days for the invitation letter, 3 to 20 days for the visa stamp.Please check that you will have sufficient time to obtain a visa before departure.

For U.S, Canadian, and British passport holders only, all Iran authorization code applications must be accompanied by a detailed resume. This must be a document that lists the passenger’s education and employment history – similar to what you would prepare for a job application. Due to heightened security measures, the name of the passengers' father and his employment history and social accounts are also required.

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