Villages of Iran

Villages of Iran

Here you will be familiar with the most beautiful and fascinating villages of Iran.



Have you ever heard about “ Liliput village”?
This wonderful 400 years old village with small houses, has contained Afghan nationality. Small doors and walls are of interesting points. This mysterious village is also famous for traditions and customs like marriages between closed families, strange diets, etc. It is located 143km far from Birjand.


Between Natanz and Kashan there is one of the historical Iranian villages that you can walk through its alleys and feel your life as it has full of native architecture and a brilliant atmosphere. The history dates back to the Safavid period. Their stunning attire is one of the most famous symbols of this red and amazing village.




Have you ever been to a village that is made up of stones?! The houses, the alleys, and everything in this historical village is rocky. The village of Varkaneh dates back 400 years ago. Delicious local dishes, unique handicrafts, local arts, historical places, apple gardens, etc. make it such a popular village. Travel to Varkaneh to visit all these attractions together.


There is a village near Qazvin where the native language of its people is Romano, a European language! They also talk in their own dialect”Zargari”. According to the point of some local people, 200 Romans had been captured by the king of Iran in the war between Iran and Rome and they were pardoned and settled near the city of Qazvin.




The stairs village of Masuleh where roofs and streets become one is located in Gilan, which is a remarkable paradise! Foggy weather makes this village more beautiful than other neighbors, walking in the village and hearing the sounds of raging rivers is like being near heaven. So if you are going to have a trip to peaceful, pack your luggage and make a trip to Masouleh.


There is one of the rocky settlements in the world in share Babak, in Sirjan. The village has been created in the holes in the rocks without any windows. History of this wonderful place back to 3000 years ago. The best seasons to visit this unique village are spring and autumn. The dialect of its people is Pahlavi with special and remarkable customs.





In this mysterious village in Taleghan, the people have stopped in ancient times! There are no parties, no birth certificate, no electricity, no gas, no technology, and no car.


Negel, a beautiful village with a manuscript copy of the Coran! Also, Negel has an interesting nature where you can spend your time and enjoy its pleasant weather.


An ancient village with rocky houses, located in Osku, East Azerbaijan. The rocky houses have been created due to volcanic activities and manmade cliff dwellings.




One of the tourist villages of Iran called Bayaz is located in Kerman. The local meaning of this area is “white” and its name is derived from the biodiversity of cotton. If you pass the cotton farms, there are many attractions in the village, including monuments, old qanats and mills, the Abbassid Caravanserai, the Sabz Pushan Mosque, and the Twin Traditional Water Reservoir. The historical hill of Ghaleh Dokhtar is located 15 kilometers west of the village and in a mountainous region known as Dahaneh Bayaz. The pottery and evidence, found on the surface of the hill, dating back to the Parthian period (about 2000 years ago). Castles, small rural mosques, Hosseiniyeh and Azakhane, the water reservoir of the Elmieh School (known as the AkhundKhane), Khan’s mansion, and other master and peasant houses are the constituent elements of this rural texture, defined and accessed through a beautiful network of passages.


Uraman Village with its pleasant climate is located in the Kurdistan province and is one of the Iranian tourist villages. The city was created in an east-west valley on a steep slope facing the mountain. The architecture of Uraman Village is called a “staircase” and when you look down from the village you will see the courtyard of each house on the roof of the other house and this is very attractive to tourists. Pire Shalyar rituals are held in the village of Uraman, in the heart of the Zagros Mountains, and along the Sirwan River, every year on the last Wednesday and Thursday before February 4. Some historians date this festival to thousands of years ago. In order to get to the village, you have to go 5 kilometers to the city of Marivan.Uraman Takht manifests genuine Kurdish art and civilization. This is mostly seen in its literature and music. The clothes of people here, like in many other rural areas, have beautiful designs and colors.




The village is located 2 kilometers southwest of Mirjaveh, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the region. It is interesting to know that the village has three parts and includes Jash, Ropas, Upper Tamin, Central Tamin, and Lower Tamin, each of these sections is within 300 meters of the other. This famous village is one of the tourism hubs of the country and attracts many tourists every year. Tamin village has attractions such as ancient hills, an ancient cemetery, chalets, and rock architecture of water mills.


Kharanagh is one of the most valuable landmarks of the region due to its historical age. The village was first mentioned by Zoroastrian pilgrims in the year 24 AH, which coincided with the twelfth year of Yazdegerd’s reign (a Sassanid king), and it was considered a resting place for businessmen and travelers. It is interesting to know that the village in Europe is even more famous than in Iran. The most important attraction of this village is the castle, which according to locals, is more than 2,000 years old.




Liqvan is located about 36 kilometers east of Tabriz which is famous for its delicious cheeses. The village of Liqvan is located in a valley in the vicinity of the tranquility of the Sahand mountains and hills. The residents of this village had built their homes on the rocks on the edge of the ground, so the architecture of the village is a “staircase”. The historical attractions of Liqvan include the Liqvan Stone Mansion (Dash Emarat), the bridge of Haj Salar Liqvan, etc.


The village of Sarvelat has located 22 km from Ramsar, near Cheboksary. When you reach the village you can easily see the slopes of the Alborz Mountains and cross the forests and rivers while enjoying the peace and quiet. In addition to the serenity in the village of Sarvelat, the hospitality of its people is also famous and you will never feel strange there. The proximity of mountains, forests, sea, and rivers in this beautiful village multiply the attractions of Sarvelat.


Sar Agha Seyed


Sar Agha Seyed village is one of the most prestigious villages in Iran. It is located in Kouhrang, Chaharmahal, and Bakhtiari provinces. Its houses are made with staircase architecture. It is as if urban life has not yet penetrated into the village and the women and girls are wearing completely local clothes in the village. The village is cut off from other places for about half of the year due to snowfall in autumn and winter, and its roads are open only for half of the year. The best time to visit the beautiful village of Sar Agha Seyed is from April to October when you can enjoy its fruit trees.


The village is situated next to Chogazanbil, the oldest and largest brick and brick building in the world that has been remembered since the time of Elam. Dez and Karkheh Protected Area has also added to its popularity with its unique wetlands, vegetation, and wildlife and a view of the Haft Tapeh sugarcane fields. Other natural features of khamat are palm and pomegranate gardens. The local language of locals is Arabic. The mythical land of Khamat, a place of the birth of culture and civilization, has many spiritual attractions for travelers besides its ancient heritage; and one of them is Arabian music.


Sang Tarashan


The village of Sang Tarshan is located near Khorramabad, in the vicinity of the “Nozhian” and “Vark” waterfalls known as Masuleh of Lorestan. This stepped village with its beautiful scenery attracts many tourists destinations during the year. The downstream valley of this village, after every rain, is filled with huge and continuous masses of clouds, and an irreplaceable scene in the form of a sea of clouds appears and gives a special effect to “Sang Tarashan” area, which is one of the rare phenomena in Iran, but what has made Sang Tarashan village famous among scientific communities is the discovery of an ancient site in 2003 on the northern outskirts of this village, where a valuable site of bronze objects related to the Iron Age was discovered and astonished archaeologists. These exquisite bronze objects, which date back to the first millennium BC, are among the rarest bronze treasures in the world, which have been excavated for six seasons. Some of the landmark objects from the excavation of the “Paytakht” site in Sang Tarashan are now on display at the Falak al Aflak Museum in Khorramabad.


Pirbala village is one of the most beautiful villages of Marand, it is like many of the villages in the area on the slopes of mount “Misho” and it has a “staircase” structure like other mountain villages. In addition, Pirbala has a sloping oval shape because of being located in the middle of one of the Misho valleys, enclosed on both sides by very beautiful slopes. This village is located approximately 100 km from the city of Tabriz. To reach Pirbala, you have to move from Tabriz to the northwest and along the Sufyan, road to reach Marand city after passing through the villages of Molayousef, Shourdreh, Payam, and Dizaj. Marand is located about 88 km northwest of Tabriz. Apart from the lush texture, the trees, and the gardens of the village, a few special sights await you in Pirbala. One of them is the old cemetery of the village, which is located above the village and is the burial place of “Sheikh Pirbaba Ibn Bar Al-Din”. There are also a historic mosque and some old houses in the village, but what makes the village one of the most important touristic villages, is its beautiful waterfall.




Khur Village is one of the most spectacular and historic villages around Tehran, near Karaj village. Khur village is near Hashtgerd town and besides beautiful nature, it has a historical background. Among the attractions of this village and the surrounding areas, we can mention Imamzadeh Soleiman (AS), the hills and valley of Do chenar, Imamzadeh Barcheshmeh, or Zubeideh Khatoon, the tower and fortifications of Qaleh Khur, and most importantly, its 800-year-old Plane tree. In the “Zarchegani” area, which is known as Chenartapeh, there are old and large trees of the plane tree which are very beautiful and spectacular. There is also an 800-year-old plane tree near the area of the Jameh mosque which is a living documentary of the region’s history. According to the studies, one of the towers of this castle was standing until 1340, but unfortunately today a small part of it remains. For going to Khur, drive to Karaj then turn towards Chalus Road and reach the pleasant village about 17 km from Karaj city.


One of the important features of this village is its climate and beautiful nature. While in summer the hot summer climate prevails in most parts of the country, Shal village in the southernmost point of Ardabil province with a cool climate and fruit trees has welcomed tourists from different parts of the country. In its rural context, this village still has the color and smell of ancient civilization. Shal is located in Shahroud Khalkhal, 44 kilometers from Khalkhal city, on the road leading to Masouleh that dates back more than 5,000 years.
The people of Shal speak the Tati language. Tati language is one of the remnants of the ancient language of Azerbaijan, which existed between 1000 and 1500 BC, and the language of the people of all regions of northern Astara, Astara, Gilan, and Ardabil to Lake Urmia. This language, which is now extinct in most areas, is still the main language of the people of Shal village. This beautiful village has ancient springs, including Shiran Spring.




The village is located in Isfahan and has unique historical buildings and textures. Vaneshan is located in the highlands and has a very good climate. The village has an old cave with the remains of several human bones and broken. After research, it was found that this village dates back more than 3000 years ago, and this shows that there were signs of life in this village in those distant times. This vast area is one of the oldest origins of the village.Vaneshan village is located 12 km south of Golpayegan city and 15km north of Khansar.


Known as the roof of Mazanderan province in northern Iran, the village of Filband stands at a height of 2,700 meters. The village provides a very calm landscape for visitors. The climate in the region is so variable that on the same day one can face a wide range of climatic changes, from cloudy, foggy, and rainy to windy and snowy, especially, during the cold seasons. Visiting the village of Filband allows visitors to have a view of the south-facing peaks of the Alborz mountain range, and the Hyrcanian mixed forests of the Caspian Sea.




Hajij Valley is located five kilometers from the city of Nosoud in the city of Paveh. It has about sixty houses that were one of the largest of its time in the hard mountains. The spectacular nature that exists in this staircase village attracts every viewer. All the beauty of this Hajij is not limited to the houses that exist in this stepped area, and shortly after the village houses, you will see pictures of the unique nature of this village. On the left side of the road, your eyes will fall on a cave at the foot of a mountain with a diameter of 6 meters. In all seasons of the year, high-pressure water flows through this cave, which boils from the heart of the earth and flows in the Sirvan river. The people of Hajij have named this spring “Bel”. If you move along this village, you will reach the heights of Shahu, which are part of the Zagros Mountains. One of the most important and famous rivers around Horaman and near this village is the Sirvan river. It has divided the Oraman region into two parts with a long and tortuous route. The banks of this river are a good place to listen to the sounds of nature and watch its beauty.


Within 24 kilometers of the town of Bonab, there are two tourist-targeted villages whose staircase architecture attracts many tourists; the historic village of Tutah Khaneh is enclosed in the middle of a lush mountain. One of the most important attractions of TutaKhaneh is the rocky architecture of the village, which is unique and spectacular. Sever village is also located near this village. Due to their unique architecture, these two villages can be studied as an encyclopedia of rural architecture in Iran. The village is located in a mountainous area and is surrounded by high mountains and high hills. TutaKhaneh is about 1920 meters above sea level and has a numerous mountainous climate. Its climate is mild and pleasant in spring and summer, and its winter is cold, snowy, and long. In the wildlife of this village, there are all kinds of birds and wild animals such as partridges, wolves, jackals, and foxes, and in the lands of the village and the mountains around the mountains, a variety of plants. The pristine nature of TutaKhaneh village is a suitable place for leisure.




The village of Forumad, part of the Miami subdivision, is located 180 kilometers east of Shahroud city and northeast of Semnan province. In the village, numerous monuments remain from the Ilkhanid and Kharazmshahian eras. During Khaje Alaeddin Mohammad’s time, the minister of Khorasan built places for rest and even a hospital for treatment in Forumad. Foroumad Attractions: Tomb of Ibn Yemeni Forumad , Jameh Mosque, Sheikh Hassan-e Juri.


The village of Nousha is another Iranian tourist village that dates back about 5,000 years ago and must be visited. The interesting thing about this village is that there is no car there, and you have to drive as far as possible and walk the rest of the way. Nousha Village is located 55 kilometers south of Tonekabon and is part of the 2000s countryside around Tonekabon. Go from Tonekabon to Aghozhul Village by minibus and continue on the dirt road to Nousha.


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