Villages of IRAN


One of the tourist villages of Iran called Bayaz that is located in Kerman. The local meaning of this area is white and its name is derived from the biodiversity of cotton. If you pass of the cotton fields, there are many attractions in the village, including monuments, old aqueducts and mills, the Abbassy Caravanserai, the Green Mosque, and the Twin Warehouse water. The historic hill of Dokhtar Castle is located 15 kilometers west of the village and in the mountain known as Bayaz Crater. The pottery and evidence dates back on the surface of the hill at the Parthian period (about 2000 years ago). Castles, small rural mosques, Hosseinie-e and Azakhane, the water storage of the Elmieh School (known as the AkhundKhane), Khan's mansion and other master and peasant houses are the constituent elements of this rural texture, defined and accessed through a beautiful network of passages.


Ūrāmān Village is a very pleasant climate in the Kurdistan province, which can be found in the list of Iranian tourist villages. The city was created in an east-west valley on a steep slope facing the mountain. The architecture of Ūrāmān Village is a staircase and when you look down from the village you will see the courtyard of each house on the roof of the other house and this is very attractive for tourists. Pire Shalyar rituals is hold in the village of Uraman at Kurdistan, in the heart of the Zagros Mountains, flows along the Sirwan River every year on the last Wednesday and Thursday before Feb.4 which some historians have dated thousand years. The word uraman or huraman consists of two word parts: hura and Man meaning home, place and land. In order to get to the village, you have to go 5 kilometers to the city of Marivan, because Ūrāmān is located southeast of the city of Marivan. .


Kharvanagh is one of the most valuable landmarks of the region due to its historical age. The village was first mentioned by Zoroastrian pilgrims in the year 24 AH, which coincided with the twelfth year of Yazdgerd's Sassanid reign, and was regarded as a Resorts between road businessmen and travelers. It is interesting to you know that the village in Europe is even more famous than Iran. The most important attraction of this village is the castle, which according to locals date backs 5 years old.


The village of Nusha is another Iranian tourist village about 5,000 years old that you are sure to visit. The interesting thing about this village is that there is no car yet, and you have to drive as far as the road and walk the rest of the way. Nعsha Village is located 55 kilometers south of Tonekabon and is part of the 2000s countryside around Tonekabon. Go from Tonekabon to Aghozhul Village with minibus and continue on the dirt road above to Nosha.


The village Located 2 kilometers southwest of Mirjawa, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the area. It is interesting you know that the village has three parts and includes Jash, Rops, Upper Tamin, Central Tamin and Lower Tamin Each of these sections is within 300 meters of each other; Famous village is the tourism sector of the country and attracts many tourists every year Tamin village has works such as ancient hills, ancient cemetery, chalets, rock architecture of water mills, castles and cemetery Mola seventy, iron melting furnaces There are different areas and ancient caves all of which represent a great civilization in the village and other villages.


The village is located in Isfahan and has unique historical and unique buildings and textures. Due to its proximity to the high altitude climate in November, the village has an old cave with the remains of several human bones and broken pottery was discovered in Mount Tir of Vaneshan village after surveying the cultural heritage of Isfahan province that dating back to more than 3000 years and indicating the existence and existence of ancient times in the village. This vast area is one of the oldest origins of the village. It is a civilization in Najd Iran that houses hundreds of old, beautiful and important villages. Vaneshan village is located in 12 km south of Golpayegan city and 15km north of Khansar.


The village of Sarvelat is located 22 km from Ramsar, nearest to Chabocsar. This village is located 2 kilometers south of Chabocsar by the river Achirud, when you reach the village you can easily see the slopes of the Alborz Mountains and cross the forests and rivers and enjoy the peace and quiet. In addition to the serenity in the village of Sarvelat in Ramsar, the hospitality of its people is also famous and you will never feel strange. The proximity of mountains, forests, sea and rivers in the beautiful village multiply the attractions of traveling to Sarvelat .


Liqvan is located about 36 kilometers east of Tabriz which is famous for its famous cheese production.The village of Liqvan is located in a valley with the tranquility Mountains and the hills of Sahand. They were built their home on the rocks on the edge of the ground, so the architecture of the village has become a staircase.Historical and tourist attractions of Liqvan are included: Liqvan Stone Mansion (Dash Emarat), Bridge of Haj Salar Liqvan (Haj Salar Corpsi) Historical Natural Cemetery, River Forest & Tourism Sparrows , Natural Slums in Large Refrigerator.


Village of Forumad, part of the Miami subdivision, is located at 180 kilometers east of Shahroud city and northeast of Semnan province.In the village, numerous monuments are remained of the Ilkhanid and Kharazmshahian relics. During Khaje Alaeddin Mohammad's time, the minister of Khorasan built places for rest and even a hospital for treatment in Forumad. It can also point to the palace of Koushk, which unfortunately has only a few artifacts left.Its Attractions are:Tomb of Ibn Yemeni Forumad (Eighth Century Poet); Jame Mosque; Sheikh Hassan Juri Dam; Sheikh Hassan Juri Dam;shahrestani hills; Old mill.


The village is situated next to Chogazanbil, it is coused for the village has Eco-tourism houses, museums and traditional restaurants. Dez and Karkheh Protected Area has also added to its popularity with its unique wetlands, vegetation and wildlife and a view of the Haft Tapeh sugarcane fields. Other natural features of khamat has Palm and pomegranate gardens. The local language of local people is Arabic. The mythical land of Khamat, a place of birth of culture and civilization, has many spiritual attractions for travelers besides its ancient heritage; one of them is Arabian music.


The village of Shal is welcoming to tourists from all over the country in the most southern part of Ardebil province, with its pleasant and cool climate, orchards and fruit trees and it still has the mood of ancient civilization and culture. Shal is located in Shahroud Khalkhal, 44 kilometers from Khalkhal city, on the road leading to Masouleh that date back over 5,000 years. It is intresting, the beautiful plunger highs of the Palanga and the high peaks of Shah Moualem can be seen and enjoyed with the beauty of the village. It becomes doubles its attractions the presence of ancient mountain springs, such as the Lion's springs, upstream of the village of Shal doubles its attractions. Surfing the countryside in local costumes and beautiful hats that is known Shal on the men of the village illustrates the cultural connection of the villagers with the rural countryside of Gilan province. Shal people like other Tatian’s in the country, speak the ancient languages of Iran, in the sweet language of Tati.


Khur Village is one of the most spectacular and historic villages around Tehran, near Karaj village. Khur village is near Hashtgerd town and besides beautiful nature, it has historical background. You can be seen Imamzadeh Suleiman, the hills and Do valley Chenar, the Imamzadeh of Barcheshmei or Zubideh Khatun, the tower and fortressand most importantly, his 800-year-old surveys the sights of the village in the surrounding area. In the "Zarchegani" area, which is known as Chennartapeh, there are old and large trees of the sycamore tree which are very beautiful and spectacular. There is also an 800-year-old a sycamore tree near the area of the Jame mosque a living documentary of the region's history. According to surveys, one of the towers of the castle has been in existence since the year 1340, unfortunately remains a small part of it today. The distance Khur from Tehran is a good distance a few hours for traveling and refreshing. Just drive to Karaj then turn towards Chalus Road and reach the pleasant village about 17 km from Karaj city.

Sang Tarashan

The village of Sang Tarshan is located near Khorramabad, in the vicinity of the "Nozhian" and "Vark" waterfalls known as Masuleh Lorestan, the stepped village with beautiful scenery that is many tourists’ destination for most of the year. The valley below the village is filled with massive of clouds after each rainfall so that at the bottom of the village, an unmistakable sea-like scene emerges from the cloud and gives a special look to the rock-cut region that is one of the rare phenomena of Iranian nature, but what makes the village Sang Tarashan among the scientific circles is the existence of an ancient site which in 2003 on the northern margin of the village, a valuable site of bronze Age burial sites was discovered. There are the most remarkable bronze treasures in the world that have been excavated for six seasons so far .The exquisite bronze objects date back to the first millennium BC. Some of the landmark objects from the excavation of the rocky "Patakht" site are now on display at the Falak All Aflak Museum in Khorramabad.


The Pirebala vellage is one of the most beautiful villages of Marand, it is like many of the villages in the area on the slopes of Mount “Misho” and the stepped form like other mountain villages. In addition Pirabala has a sloping oval shape for being in the middle of one of the Misho valleys, enclosed on both sides by very beautiful slopes. To get to the village you have to cross the Marand Road on the left and go about 20 kilometers to the south. The road runs parallel to the valley of the Misho Mountains and you pass through the villages of Anamaq, Mahabob Abad and Aishabad to reach Pirbala village. There are some special sights in Pirbala except the Baft Pardar and the tree and gardens of the village. One of them is the old village cemetery that is located upstream of the village and is buried by "Sheikh Pirbaba Ebne Berelddin". We also see the historic mosque and some old houses in the village, but what makes the village one of the most important tourism villages of East Azerbaijan province is the famous and beautiful waterfall that has made the village famous.

Tutah Khaneh

Within 24 kilometers of the town of Bonab, there are two tourist-targeted villages whose staircase architecture and attractive to many tourists; the historic village of Tutah Khaneh, 22 kilometers from the town of Bonab and enclosed in the middle of a lush mountain. One of the most important attractions of Tutah Khanh is the rock architecture of the village, which is unique and spectacular, but two kilometers from Tutah Khane Village, another village with a population of 70 households. Sayer. The unique architecture of the village has also made it a destination for tourists who come to the area alongside villages like Kandovan and Tote Khanh, especially during the holidays before the cold weather. Sur has rocky texture Like "Kandovan" and "Tutah Khaneh", and its hand carving houses, which range from 150 to 200 meters, are nested. Dozens of houses have been built deep in the rocks and volcanic lava deep within the astonishing village of Sur, but they are difficult to access under the villagers' personal homes. At present, the extent of this underground city cannot be estimated; it is even possible that part of the history of the area can be found in these hand carving underground


The Hajj Valley is located five kilometers from the city of Noodsheh in the city of Paveh. It has about sixty houses that was one of the largest of its time in the hard mountains. The town was destroyed due to the creation of the Paveh-Nusheed Road, which cut the road several times shorter than the previous one. There is now nothing left except for the gardens and the many ruined houses, but these ruinous houses, which stand strangely on the slopes of a mountain, pass almost beneath them. The reason for naming the village, its location in a place called spell, is meaning of the word green and deep valley. There is a spectacular nature in this staircase village that attracts every viewer. Of course, you should know that everything does not end with the stairs in the area, and you will see view of the unique nature of the village with a little distance from the rustic houses and continuing on the road. On the left side of the road, your eyes will fall into a cave on a slope of about 3 meters in diameter. Throughout the seasons there flows through this high-water blue cave that boils from the heart of the earth and flows into the Sirvan River. The local people named the spring Bell.

Sar Agha Seyed

Sar Agha Seyed village is one of the most prestigious villages in Iran. It is located the Kohrang functions in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Its houses is made with staircase architecture in Iran. It is as if the urban life has not yet penetrated into the village and the women and girls are wearing completely local clothes in the village. The strange thing is usually with the first snowfall in winter, the village's communication route cuts a few mount in the mountainous region with other areas. The best time to visit the beautiful village of Sar Agha Seyed is from April to October, when you can enjoy its fruit orchards and walnut trees.


As soon as you reach the heights of the fascinating village, clusters of skies fall into the palm of your hand. This is because of one of the rarest scientific events that you have seen in this village alone. Another advantage of Philbend land is your experience an air in which the specimens cannot be seen elsewhere. If you want to get to Philbond from Tehran, the best way is northeast of Tehran and by the Haraz road. After Roudehen, Abali, Gaznak and the Haraz River, approximately 50 km after Gaznak and 2 km to Amol, there is an exit on the right side of the road that reaches Sangchal.

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