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March 22, 2017
Wildlife Watching
March 22, 2017

A Bike Jorney

cycling tour Iran

It is possible to bike Iran in any season but Spring and Autumn give you the best weather, during the summer the cool mountain regions around Tabriz will make for the most pleasant cycling but from November you can expect snow on the ground and freezing temperatures throughout the north of Iran.

Main routes for cycling

  • On the ancient Silk road
  • Qeshm & Kish Islands near Persian gulfs
  • On the classic route
  • East side of Country
  • Central Desert
  • North Forests

Kish Island

One of the longest and one of the most beautiful bike-riding paths in kish island the 75km path length is completely distinct with automobile roads .You can have bike for rent in particular stations. These stations are in different parts of island such as recreation waterfront and at the side of marjan market,running by private sector economy. Kish fantastic landscapes in south and southwest with vegetation is accessible for everyone.

Silk Road

The biking route is part of ancient Silk Road disconnecting you from daily life by taking you to the remote areas. You will come across various mountain slopes, dried-up rivers as well as the magical desert with its different colors.